Our Father, we give you the praise... for all you have blessed us with, our families, our friends and our pest management community.

We ask for ourselves... patience, compassion, kindness and your grace in all our business transactions.

We ask your blessings on...

Board Members and Governing Officials... as they lead us in the pest management industry;

Our Military, Veterans and Service members... and especially those whose parents or family are connected to the pest management field; we ask that you protect Brad Kesecker and give him courage and strength as he serves his country in the middle east, that you keep him safe and that you give his family strength in his absence;

Our Members, Their Businesses & Families... in building a strong and faithful community, strength when business is difficult, grace when business is good… the protection, wellness and prosperity of our loved ones and businesses;

Our industry clients and our community... for protection, health, security in their homes;

Anyone within our organization... who may be going through a particularly difficult time whether it be illness, divorce,loss of loved one, loss of home or even business.

Anyone who wishes to place someone on our prayer chain, please do so _____________________

In Jesus Christ name, we ask this and offer You our praise.


Meetings and Schedule



2024 WVPMA Fall Conference
September 25-27, 2024
Stonewall Resort
Roanoke, WV


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